Portrait of me - Christer Olsen

Chris Olsen

Web Developer

As mentioned; the name's Chris!

I’m a Norwegian self-employed web developer, beer enthusiast, and traveller (from time to time).

I have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, as well as 6 years of experience in the field. Vindir is the name of my company, and the website can be found here (in Norwegian) I'm also a part-time employee at CompanyCast.

Technologies and tools that I've worked with includes React, Backbone.js, Vue.js w/Nuxt.js, jQuery, Node.js w/Express, webpack, Babel, npm, Java, document and relational databases, Botkit.ai, and several others. Git, HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript goes without saying, but there you go.

Finished personal projects consists of this website, as well as The Beer O’Clock Clock. My GitHub profile is also home to plenty of projects in various states. Lastly I have a good handful of closed source projects connected to my company, and the link to each one can be found here.

Sounds interesting? Or just feeling lonely? Anyway; let's talk! Contact info in the footer!